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About us

About us

As a Minex Partner, we provide the most dependable service for those who want to trade cryptocurrency mining without risk, which has become one of the most lucrative investments in recent years. We provide our users with the opportunity to evaluate their investments in a favourable environment without incurring any additional costs.

This system allows you to increase the value of your money without the risk of losing it and without having to trade with crypto currency. Furthermore, you have the option to withdraw your earnings as often as you want, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Minex Partner is a Swiss-based company with over 50,000 business partners worldwide, including a presence in Turkey. Minex Partner is a popular platform for those looking to break into the cryptocurrency mining market and make money.

What Does Minex Partner Offer to Users?

Our company, which provides Cloud Mining to users through its global business partners, has cutting-edge technological hardware infrastructure. It constantly develops and renews itself with the latest technology in its Swiss-based facilities as part of the hash power purchase. We provide our investors with a monthly net income of 25% and the ability to withdraw and deposit funds at any time.

We ensure that everyone who wants to make money can use the application comfortably thanks to our training content on how to do transactions in both written and visual form. The feature that sets us apart from other businesses is that we do not charge a commission when you withdraw or deposit funds. In the current trading pool, you can profit by trading Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin coins.

What Do You Need to Do to Become a Minex Partner User?

Anyone who wants to do Cloud Mining in Cryptocurrency Mining, which is one of the most popular investment transactions today, can use this application to meet their needs. There is only one requirement to open an account in this system, where you will be included within the scope of the secure technology infrastructure with the account you have opened in your name. It may face the freezing of investment and membership transactions if it is determined otherwise. You can begin investing as soon as you create an account on the Minex Partner website and begin to meet all of the system's requirements.

Minex Partner is a mining platform for cryptocurrencies. You can take your share of the investments made using each reference code into account in your account if you invite your friends to a business partnership and investment using the reference links created on your behalf while mining.

To summarise, you must first earn yourself in your Minex Partner investments. Your accounts reflect 7% of each investment made by your partner who registered using the referral link created in your name. You will earn 5% more for each additional partner if your partner, who invested with your referral, adds a partner to himself.

Our Mission

We provide suitable conditions for our users who want to use Cloud Mining to increase the value of their investments. We're collaborating with a group of experts to generate a risk-free monthly income. In our cryptocurrency mining operations, which are determined by investor type, we strive to make a safe profit. We eliminate all extra costs by lowering the cost of electricity to zero. We give you the flexibility to withdraw your funds whenever you want, while we manage the financial aspects of your investment and earnings.

Our Vision

One of our main objectives in the investment channels is to eliminate risk parameters on the capital put forward to earn and to ensure a consistent monthly income. As a Minex Partner, one of our goals is to continually improve the win-win system with our business partners. It is our basic principle as the most dependable company in the market for crypto money transactions to ensure the satisfaction of all investors.

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